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Welcome to the Ben Bowen Early Childhood Center site!

Welcome to our Clinic

Welcome to the Clinic

School Nurse:  Courtney Yarbrough

Hours:   8 am - 4 pm

Phone: 281-324-7639

Fax:  281-324-1646 

Request to Keep Extra Clothing in Backpacks

Because of the possibility of clothing becoming soiled at school, and because supplies are very limited in the clinic, it is requested that your child keep a clean set of clothing in his/her backpack.  The clothing should be examined periodically to make sure that they are appropriate for the climate.  If your child has a urine or BM accident at school and no clothing is in his/her backpack, you could be notified to bring clothing for your child to change into.  If your child has symptoms of illness, you will be notified so that arrangements can be made for your child to go home to recover, and minimize the spread of infection to other classmates.

Medication at School

If a student requires medication administration during school hours, parents need to bring the medication to the clinic, where permission forms will be completed and signed by parents. Students are not allowed to transport medications to or from school.


Illness and Attendance

While we want to strive for perfect attendance, we know there are times when students are truly ill and need to stay home.  To minimize the spread of illness to other students and school faculty, please remember:

If your child becomes sick and develops a fever, the school’s policy is that they must remain home until they are fever free for a full 24 hours (without the use of fever reducing medications).  Students should also remain out of school if experiencing vomiting or diarrhea or if they have other contagious illnesses. 


Vax-A-Nation will be in our district on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016


Mobile Vaccination Clinic will be at each campus as follows:

     HHS Approx: 8:30am-9:30am                                      HMS Approx: 9:30am-10:30am        

CES/HIS Approx: 10:35am-11:30am                            BBE Approx: 11:45am-12:25pm

Administration Building Approx: 12:30pm-1:00pm


TO ADMINISTER:       Flu Shots $22

*State required Immunizations 4years-18 year old Include:

Hepatitis A, Hep B, Tetanus (Tdap), MMR, Polio, Varicella, Meningococcal

 1 shot $20/ 2 shots $30/ 3+shots $40

*Cost increases for 19years and older. Please contact clinic for pricing.

Seniors:  Get your Meningococcal Vaccine that is required for college.


  ***Parent must be present for grades pk-8th grade***

 Consent forms need to be completed by parents and can be sent home with students 9th-12th grade

Make checks payable to: Vax-A-Nation

Also accepting Chips/Medicaid.  Copy of current enrollment card will need to be provided.


To sign up for your student to have vaccines, OR IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, Please CONTACT:

HHS Nurse: Holly Oliphant



HMS Nurse: Brooke McCrary



CES/HIS School Nurse: Jennifer Bonilla


BBE School Nurse: Courtney Yarbrough



Be sure to bring your shot records to be updated.